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Holiday Notice:

Please be informed that our hangtag printers will be closed according to holiday schedule below. We encourage your factory to order hangtag earlier, to meet your production schedule.
2018 Printer Holiday Schedule         
South China116-20 5118  243-Jan  
Shanghai116-20 5118  243-Jan  
Hong Kong116-1930,311-2, 51, 22182 251, 17 25,26
Taiwan 15th-20th & 28th 4th-8th1st18th  24th10th 31st
India1st & 26th 2nd 1st  15th & 22nd13th & 23rd 7th & 8th25th
Bangladesh 21st17th,26th14th,29th1st,2nd,12th, 15-17th 15th,21-23rd 19th21st16th
Sri Lanka31 113,14,16,17,3001, 292727 242420,2222,25
Pakistan 52313115,16,17 14, 22, 2320, 21 2025
Korea115th~16th1st 7th, 22th6th, 13rd 15th24th~26th3rd, 9th 25th
Japan (Keiai) 1221304-Mar 16 17,2482324
Indonesia 16th30th14th1st, 10th, & 29th1st, 15th, & 16th 17th & 22nd11th 20th25th
Thailand3-Jan 1st13-161st 27-2813th 13rd & 23rd 5th & 31st
Vietnam114 to 22 25,301   2,3   
Luxembourg1.1., 10.5.,21.5  15.8. - 31.12.
Turkey1  23rd1st  & 19th14th&15th 20th-25th&30th 29th  
United States119  28 4 3 22,2324,25,31